Your productive information,simple
and 100% free of charge.

In Appgro, we help the producer manage the information. We are building a shared knowledge network for all users. Using Appgro your information increases.

Discover Appgro, the new way to monitor your production

From the field into your PC in a matter of seconds

We have improved production processes and data management, adding quality and speed to information exchange in order to enhance decision-making in a timely manner. The new way to monitor your lots.

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  • Save Money and Time

    Information available regardless of distance

    Appgro is a mobile tool that allows instant acces to all the information gathered from the field, from anywhere in the world, just at the touch of a button.

  • Virtual Desktop

    Information that is organized and available on the Internet

    Appgro's Virtual Desktop allows you to have access to all the information from your production, as well as all the information collected from the field with Apprgro Mobile, in order to draft reports and make the best decision in the shortest possible time and from anywhere you are.

  • Tools for all your Needs

    Appgro currently has three field data collection modules:

    • Monitoring
    • Tillage
    • Harvest Control

  • Affordable and for a Wide Range of Devices

    Appgro runs in the most popular mobile platforms (Android and iPhone). It runs in smartphones or tablets, and can communicate information from the field via any phone data plan, or by using any Wi-Fi connection.

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